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Contact Us

South Redford School District Administration
26141 Schoolcraft Road, Redford, MI 48239 313-535-4000
Name Title Email Ext.
Brian Galdes Superintendent 1001
Jan Carrier Secretary, Superintendent 1012
Cathy Lloyd-Langley Director of Finance 1004
Dr. Kris Harmon Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 1010
Sue Carver Secretary, Finance Department 1006
Jason Bobrovetski

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 

Operations & Technology 1013
Kim Meray Secretary, Human Resources Department 1002
Lee M. Thurston High School
26255 Schoolcraft Road, Redford, MI 48239 313-242-0600
Bill Simms Principal 1155
Russ Justice Asst. Principal (10/12) 1156
Matt Rudy Asst. Principal (9/11) 1171
Al Chambo Athletic Director 1166
Nancy York Secretary, Front Office 1159
Monique Kincaid Secretary, Principal 1161
Danielle Dunn Secretary, Asst. Principal/Athletic Director 1167
Camille Grayson Secretary, Counseling Office 1175
Pierce Middle School
25605 Orangelawn Ave., Redford, MI 48239 313-937-8880
Dr. Christine Hofer Principal 1655
Kyle Martin Asst. Principal 1656
Donna Ablett Secretary, Principal 1661
Nikki Ogden  Secretary, Front Office 1659
Pat Suvoy Secretary, Counseling Office 1675
SOAR Academic Online Institute
Matthew Daly Director 1250
Eagle Scholars Program
Rory Hughes Director 1018
Addams Elementary
14025 Berwyn, Redford, MI 48239 313-532-8064
Michelle Hubbard Principal 1355
Cris DuBois Secretary 1359
Fisher Elementary
10000 Crosley, Redford, MI 48239 313-532-2455
Amy Davidson Principal 1455
Jackie McGuire Secretary 1459
Jefferson Elementary
26555 Westfield, Redford, MI 48239 313-937-2330
Michelle Chase Interim Principal 1555
Amieka Jones Secretary 1559
Vandenberg Elementary
24901 Cathedral, Redford, MI 48239 313-532-0300
Lisa Hughes Principal 1855
Erika Wilson Secretary 1859
Student Services Department/Shear Early Childhood Center
26141 Schoolcraft Road, Redford, MI 48239 313-535-4000
Lisa Horvatich Director of Student Services 1032
Sue Hunter Secretary 1028



A complete, district-wide directory can also be found by clicking here: South Redford School District Directory


You can also email us at and we will make sure your message gets to the right place!


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Employment Opportunities

Come and stay with us and great things will happen! This applies at all levels of our great district, from students, to staff, to faculty.  Information on current job postings and the application process can be found here:  South Redford School District Job Postings