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Shared Services – Where Public Schools and Private Schools Work Together To Build a Brighter Future!

Shared Services is a State of Michigan program that allows public schools to proivde services to private schools in non-core and elective areas of education.

Non-core and elective areas include the following subject matters:

  • Art (all media)

  • Music (vocal and instrumental)

  • Computer Science and Technology

  • Foreign Language

  • Physical Education

  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • Online learning opportunities though the Michigan Virtual University learning tool

  • Many more – please contact us to ask if a specific course qualifies

The Shared Services program has existed in Michigan for decades, but until recently, was limited in reach. Legislative changes in the recent years have expanded the program's geographical boundaries. You can download our full program brochure by clicking here: SRSD Shared Services Brochure May2016

Who Benefits?

Shared-time services benefits both the public school and the private school, as well as the students, parents, and teachers. When the South Redford School District (SRSD) pays the teachers' salaries for qualifying classes, the private school can realize significant savings. In return, SRSD collects a portion of the student's State Aid funding allowance. In addition, shared-time services allows private school parents to see a benefit from their property-tax dollars. Finally, the teacher benefits by earning time toward state retirement. It is truly a win-win opportunity for all.

Why Partner with the South Redford School District?

  • Wide-range of K-12 curriculum offerings

  • Financially sound school district

  • Non-union program allows for greater flexibility

  • Highly experienced shared-time staff

  • Generous supply allowance provided

  • One of the largest shared-time programs in the state of Michigan

  • Ability to hire subs from your current list

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one goal

South Redford may also be able to:

  • Hire the private school's highly-qualified teachers

  • Offer health benefits for full-time teachers

  • Offer more course options for students

Questions? Need more information? Please contact us.

SchooPelonl Financial Sevices

Jack Pelon, Director




Cathy White, Program Director


Current Shared Services Employees

Please click here to access a folder with necessary staff documents – time sheets, time off forms, manuals, etc. Shared Services