Save the Date! Pierce Parent-Teacher Conferences Coming Soon

Pierce Middle School

Parent/Teacher Conferences October 18th

Register online October 9-17, 2018

October 8, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We look forward to seeing you at Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 18, 2018. Conference times are: 3:30-5:30 and 6:30-8:30. This is an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teachers to review his or her progress. We strive to offer a productive evening, by offering tutorials, providing information about technology, upcoming events and more.  

We will once again be using the PTC Wizard, a web-based scheduling program to schedule conferences. We have had great feedback about this system from both parents and staff.

Please read the following information carefully so you are aware of the details pertaining to this new system.

    • You will need to register online.  We will not register conferences for you but will be happy to assist you through the process in the front office at Pierce if you need help scheduling
    • All teachers will hold conferences in their classrooms
    • You may choose the teachers you would like to see and pick the order in which to see them
    • Conferences are scheduled for 5-minute time-slots for each teacher
  • Please schedule your conferences every 15 minutes to allow 10 minutes for “travel time”
  • There are limited number of appointments available for each teacher – so register early
  • It is important that the time limit is adhered to – you may contact teachers via phone or email if you have additional questions or concerns
  • If the appointments for a teacher you would like to see are filled, you may contact teachers via phone or email

Page 2 is a list of teachers and team to help with the scheduling process.

Prior to scheduling you will need to get your child’s schedule.

Directions for scheduling your conferences:

    • The PTC Wizard system will be open to schedule conferences from October 9, 2018 at 9a.m. through October 17, 2018 at 11:00 p.m.
    • To register, Log in to

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Teachers and Courses

You will need to have your child(s) schedule in order to schedule your Conferences                                  


6th Grade Team A

6th Grade Team B

7th Grade Team A

7th Grade Team B

Language Arts

Mrs. Baughman

Mr. Bzovi

Ms. Gierzynski

Ms. Bower


Mrs. Gonzalez

Mrs. Zolynsky

Ms. Sanchez (Droughns)

Mr. Watkins


Mrs. Munoz

Mrs. Workman

Mrs. Trost

Mr. Crawford (Tedford)

Social Studies

Mrs. Pendergrass

Mrs. Doherty

Mr. Edwards

Mrs. Samborski


Ms. Drotos, Mrs Mifsud & Mrs. Papas

Mrs. Coon, Mrs. Mifsud, Mrs. Daye & Mrs. Vanbuskirk



8th Grade Team A

8th Grade Team B

ESP 6-8th grade

Counselors/ Social Worker


Language Arts

Mrs. Denton

Mrs. Duperron

Mrs. Denton & Mrs.Kus

Mrs. Macey Counselor A-K



Mr. Gonzalez

Ms. Brooks

Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Barlow Counselor L-Z



Mr. Roth

Ms. deMauriac

Roth 8th/ deMauriac 8th/

Trost 7th/Crawford (Tedford)

Munoz 6th/ Workman 6th

Ms. Locklear Social Worker


Social Studies

Mrs. Vermiglio

Mr. Buehner

Mrs. Doherty 6th/

Mrs. Ponder 6, 7 & 8



Mrs. Daye, Mrs. Coon & Mrs. Mifsud







Mr. Hullinger

Future Problem Solver

Mrs. Baughman


Mrs. Williams

Lifetime Fitness

Ms. Schwemmin

Concert Band

Mr. Lucius

Math Skills

Brooks-8/ R. Gonzalez-8/      

Watkins-7/ Sanchez (Droughns)-7/ Zolynsky-6/T. Gonzalez-6


Mr. Schoenherr

Maker Space/

Video Production/


Mr. Eagling

Creativity & Eng.

Mr. Roth


Mrs. Vermiglio

Current Events

Mr. Buehner

Physical Education

Mr. Gulick


Mr. Triolet


Mrs. Beydoun


Mrs. Samborski


Mr. Edwards

ELA Skills

Pendergrass-6/Bzovi-6 Bower-7/ Duperron-8


Mr. Bates


Mr. Gonzalez


Denton 8 / Gierzynski 7

We look forward to seeing you at Conferences on October 18th.

Thank you,

Pierce Middle School Staff

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