Jefferson Weekly Notes April 22, 2019

This is Mr. Kinsey and here are your weekly updates.

M-STEP is underway for 5th graders.  We have already completed Science and Social Studies, with ELA beginning next week. In order to help your child’s performance, please encourage them to do their best, get the proper amount of sleep, be at school each day on time, and eat a healthy breakfast.  We expect great things to come from our kids this year.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 6th.  The Jefferson Community Council is looking for volunteers to help with donations.  They are in need of small items to put inside of teacher gift bags. These items will be needed by April 29th.  They will also need breakfast and lunch items such as half and half, yogurt cups, fruits, danishes, pasta salad, mac and cheese, tossed salad, desserts, or any other awesome lunch items you can think of.  You can sign up on the Jefferson Community Council Facebook page.

Gleaners will be here on Friday, April 26th from 1 - 3 p.m.  On the menu this week is pulled pork, a bean kit, egg noodles, vegetables, and fruit.  All food is free for our community. Please bring a sturdy bag so we can fill it up.

As always, thank you for working together to build tomorrow’s leaders.

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