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Welcome to South Redford!  We offer a wide range of opportunities for innovative learning at all grade levels. Our quality education begins with a tuition-free full-time preschool program. The “Success for All” reading program in preschool through 5th grade provides reading instruction targeted to each child’s needs and has proven results for increasing reading proficiency. The innovative Next Generation Classrooms in each school provide a setting for personalized targeted instruction as well as collaborative learning. The district’s state-of-the-art technology, featuring Chromebooks, and hands-on experience with 3-D printers, maker spaces, and robotics clubs, supports our students’ opportunity for a top-notch STEM education. The Mandarin Chinese program, which begins in elementary school, and the student exchange program offer students an opportunity to experience the rich and abundant culture of the Chinese people. 

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Our Mission

Together we learn through innovative opportunities and strong relationships.
We will...
build capacity to engage all learners,  recognizing their unique backgrounds and experiences.
foster a culture of innovation at the classroom, building, and district level. 
foster a culture of shared leadership supported by effective communication.