Jefferson Week 9 Update

Last week, I had the opportunity to be part of a discussion about preparing our students for future careers and the education that it will take to get them there.  The members involved in the discussion were educators, community members, business owners, and other stakeholders. One thing that came up from one of the business owners, is that his company has at least 50 jobs right now, yet they are having a hard time finding quality candidates.  In terms of quality, he was not speaking about skillset or degrees, but good quality people skills. Skills such as customer service, simple manners, showing up to work on time, etc. As we continue to work at Jefferson on teaching our students to be safe, be kind, and be leaders, we ask that you help us in these efforts at home.  Encourage your child to use manners such as “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me”. As you know, soft skills such as these are necessary for common courtesy and decency.

Has your child lost a coat, shoes, a hat, or anything else this year?  Our lost and found is full of items. Encourage your child to stop by and gather their belongings if they have lost them.

This year we will try something different at Jefferson on October 31st.  In order to be considerate to all families and teacher instructional time, we will not do a parade.  To replace this activity, we will hold a pajama day for a buck at Jefferson. If your child chooses to participate, please make sure their PJs are appropriate for school. If your child’s classroom has a special activity planned, please look for communication from your child’s teacher.

If you ordered Krispy Creme doughnuts, they will be ready to go home on Thursday, October 31.  

Finally, if you have a couple of days in the week during school hours and would like to earn a few extra bucks monitoring students at lunch or recess, we may have an opportunity for you.  Please contact Mrs. Jones, the school secretary, for more information to get you plugged in.

Thank you for being a Jefferson Eagle!

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