Job Posting: Superintendent of Schools

Position Announcement: Superintendent of Schools
The South Redford School District Board of Education is conducting a search for its next superintendent. It is anticipated that the Superintendent will be in place this summer.
Following several focus group meetings and an on-line survey the following, although not an exhaustive list, are representative of many of the comments which we heard.

 Points of Pride in the Community and District
•    Dedicated, caring and talented teachers who  genuinely care about and for students 
•    District and community are strong partners and there is great respect between district and community leaders 
•    Board of Education and administration value employees  
•    A forward-looking district and community
•    District is adaptable and initiates changes 
•    Financial stability 
•    District recently passed a significant bond issue that will allow them to expand the district’s ability to provide enriched opportunities for students 
•    Positive focus on the social and emotional needs of students
•    Strong commitment to provide support for students with added needs 
•    A diverse and supportive district 
•    Willingness to address equity and culture concerns within the school and community 
•    Strong Advanced Placement opportunities

•    Michigan Administrative Certificate or Equivalent
•    Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership/Curriculum or equivalent
•    Minimum of three years successful experience as a building principal or central office experience
•    Broad and diversified experience with classroom experience preferred
Characteristics for a New Superintendent

•    Ability to build strong, trusting, and sustainable relationships. More specifically, do this by:
o    Being highly visible in schools and the community
o    Utilizing resources available in the community outside the schools
o    Developing and fostering relationships between staff, students, parents, and board
o    Creating and nurturing a positive culture
o    Being approachable, flexible, and adaptable
o    Involving staff and community in decision making
o    Showing a commitment to district which includes staying as Superintendent
o    Operating in a collaborative mode and shares power
o    Being a team builder
o    Promoting  and supporting diversity
o    Going above and beyond to make sure kids are in a safe, happy learning environment
•    Communication skills
o    Demonstrates effective communication skills (writing, public speaking and listening and excellent interpersonal and public relations skills
o    Demonstrates transparency in communication and is willing to fully explain the reasoning behind decisions
o    Utilize communication skills to build trust, so possible changes that need to be made will be done so successfully
o    Being transparent
•    Knows or can quickly understand the district
o    Has familiarity with the community and the schools
o    Fully embraces the values of the district and community 
o    Someone who is genuine and cares about the community and will  immerse themselves into the community
o    Fully embraces the diversity within the district and community
•    Other areas of expertise that would be helpful
o    Understanding of the full range of student mental health issues, and  how to address them
o    Understanding of the full range of instructional programs  and curriculum being offered in the district
o    A creative leader who can solve problems
o    Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with effective curriculum, instruction, professional development, assessment, and best practices to improve teaching and student achievement 
o    Demonstrates knowledge of and experience in public school finance and fiscal management 
o    Has the courage of his/her convictions: willing to make difficult decisions, stands by them and faces challenges directly
o    Willingness to take a risk and to try different things
o    Someone who takes safety concerns into decision making
o    Has a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal issues facing educations and works with the appropriate people to address these concerns 
o    Knowledge of facilities management and operations
o    Demonstrated success in human resource management, including collective bargaining, contract administration and employment practices

Application Process

Interested candidates should complete and submit the Michigan Leadership Institute online application found at or

Completed online applications must be submitted no later than Monday, January 24, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. 

No “hard copy,” faxed or emailed copies will be accepted. Materials will be treated confidentially through the screening process only upon the written request of the candidate. 

All questions regarding the search process should be directed to the MLI search consultant, Bill Weber at 313-418-0775,  or  Randy Liepa at 734-634-4474,
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