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The South Redford Foundation is looking for visionary ideas that will enhance the learning experiences for our students. Grants that leave a lasting impression on students' learning process, serve a large body of students, and provide teachers resources that will be utilized in their classrooms year after year are essential to upholding the Foundation's mission. Teacher grant applications are available annually. 
Congratulations to the 2018-2019
Teacher Grant recipients!
Jennifer Sakowski
Special Education, Thurston High School
Jennifer has completed her classroom resource center with a
VZ-X wireless document camera.
Amy Schilbe and Brett White 
Intervention/Speech and Language, Vandenberg Elementary School
Amy and Brett will implement The Listening Program, a research-based early intervention
that supports auditory and language processing.
Jill Workman 
Science, Pierce Middle School
Jill now has a classroom ¨QBall,¨ a ball-shaped microphone device to support
meaningful contributions and full participation in classroom discussion.
Jaclyn Holstein 
Mathematics, Thurston High School
Jaclyn is moving toward a classroom technology upgrade and now has
10 TI-Nspire calculators available to her students.
Valerie Munoz 
Science, Pierce Middle School
Valerie will implement Mindful Practices curriculum in her classroom,
extracurricular club, and school-wide Advisory lessons.
"The mission of the South Redford Foundation is to provide innovative resources that enhance the instruction and learning for all staff and students at South Redford Public Schools. Through fundraising, we award grants and scholarships that create sustainable and enriching experiences."
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