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Senior Scholarships are awarded to qualifying graduates of Thurston High School who demonstrate academic excellence. Applicants must be attending college or University the following fall.
Congratulations to all
2020 graduating Seniors!
Due to COVID-19, scholarship awards have been postponed
until the 20-21 academic year.
Congratulations to the 2018-2019
Graduating Senior Scholarship recipients!
Alyssa Dickerson
Michigan State University
"South Redford Schools have helped me prepare for my career
by offering so many opportunities. I have given so much to all the schools in South Redford
by participating in many programs and actively giving back to the community."
Carlton Mamo
Michigan State University
"Throughout my time in South Redford, I have met amazing people.
It amazes me how everyone has my best interest at heart and is excited to see me grow
and is always there to motivate me when I need it."
Winter Lott
Central Michigan University
"South Redford helped me prepare for the future by making me think deeper than the surface
of what I wanted in a career... they have also helped me make
lifelong friendships and bonds with teachers that will never be broken."
Congratulations to the 2017-2018
Graduating Senior Scholarship recipients!

Lindsay Bryant

Wayne State University


"We have created a space in which students and teachers work together

to foster healthy communal attitudes in education... I am a product of my environment,

and as I transition into the collegiate level, Thurston is a part of me that beams.¨


John High

Michigan State University


¨Being a leader is what you do when nobody is watching,

going above and beyond for the common good, and putting others before yourself…

I will never forget the doors I walked through from kindergarten to senior year in this district.

I will successfully represent the community of South Redford 

positively wherever my journey takes me and be a proud Thurston Alumni.¨

"The Mission of the South Redford Foundation is to provide innovative resources that enhance the instruction and learning for all staff and students at South Redford Public Schools. Through fundraising, we award grants and scholarships that create sustainable and enriching experiences."
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